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駍 notable advan◆ces in 4G ne●tworks, since users● can tap i■nto the int●ernet, watch a f■ilm, or instant ●message friends● while even walking● in a crowded 〓street.Such techn■ology has transfo

r■med everyone's live●s and the Chinese〓 government is○ helping homegrow○n hi-tech firms to d○evelop furth●er upgrades on hardw○are and software ●for smartphones, a●s well as cre●ating "Made-in-Chin●a" chips along w◆ith related technol◆ogies.Speadtrum◆ Communications■ Inc., a chip●-make

●to advance de●spite thes○e pressure■s, an

○"Made-in-China" chip● technology10-●2

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